Wintertime parking in Helsinki

It’s wintertime in Helsinki! Snow keeps falling from the sky and cars get buried in the snow. I just arrived back to Finland being away for just one week and my car was basically buried under ice and snow.

I have a little shovel in the trunk but since my car was completely frozen I wasn’t able to get the trunk open. You can imagine how frustrated I was!

Wintertime parking in Helsinki is always a nightmare. Parking lots are full of snow and it’s much harder to find parking space. Sometimes it’s really hard to get the car out from the parking lot because snow plowing truck dumps all the snow over the parked cars.

Wintertime parking tips

  • Always keep a shovel in the trunk
  • Use webasto
  • Buy SUV

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a few years. I guess I never had enough time to start a blog or I just felt like a really busy businesswoman.

A few weeks ago I was visiting London and staying there for a few weeks. Within that time I realized that my skills in written English had diminished. I can still read English really quickly and easily but producing my own writings….not so good.

Then I got a really good idea. I would start blogging and my blog would be written in English. That way I would complete two goals.

  1. Start my own blog
  2. Improve my skills in written English

My long-termĀ goal is to write just my own thoughts as often as I feel comfortable.