How public roadworks violate business in Helsinki

My dear friend has a laundry business in Mechelininkatu Helsinki. Mechelininkatu (Mechelin street) has been under construction for a very long time.

My friend and all his neighbour entrepreneurs are suffering because of long-lasting public roadworks drive away many customers.

I understand that Helsinki needs to repair its old infrastructure but when traffic jams and lack of parking space lasts for years there must be something wrong.

Yle wrote an article about how public roadworks disturb traffic in Helsinki. The map below shows all the public roads under construction in Helsinki.

How to improve things?

I could decide how public infrastructure repairs would be done in Helsinki, I would organize the work into smaller chunks. Then I would demand that these smaller chunks should be completed as fast as possible. That would eliminate years lasting public roadworks.

What it means to be an entrepreneur in Finland?

When I was a little school girl my future dream job was either a veterinarian or professional figure skater.  When I was a bit older schoolgirl who had to make decisions about future academic studies my parents always encouraged me to go to university, graduate quickly and get a corporate job.

Becoming an entrepreneur was actually never an option or at least I never thought about it.

I studied sign language and after graduating didn’t find work as a sign language interpreter.  So I decided to become an entrepreneur.

People in Finland tend to be jealous of successful entrepreneurs and being an entrepreneur isn’t always the most appreciated thing.

Being an entrepreneur, even if you do not have any employees , means that you are yourself in charge of your social security, pension and insurance contributions and of course value-added tax. They are statutory and expensive. If you hire another employee from your business, you become an employer. It also obliges, and it only pays.

If the entrepreneur doesn’t work, he or she also has no income. If the entrepreneur or his / her loved ones get sick so badly that jobs can’t be done, the situation is the same.

Of course, there are also so many positive things about being an entrepreneur.  The first thing that always comes into my mind is freedom to choose where you work, when you work and with whom you work with!

If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship in Finland, the best resource of information is Suomen Yrittajat.